Positives of Mobile Phones on Logistics Business

Mobile Technology is creating a worldwide impact in each and every field from medical, education, entertainment to transportation. Logistics Industry is not behind in this as well. Mobile phones are creating huge impacts positively in this field.

In the logistics industry the big fleets are equipping their truck drivers with commercial grade mobile phones due to their work environment. This is making the work of both the truck driver and truck operator easy.

We have talked with the personnel of 4pl Logistics service which told us how mobile phones are impacting the transportation industry:

1. Tracking mileage: With the advent of the some specialized software or apps in smartphones, it is now very easy to track the mileage of your vehicle and suggest you vehicle statistics to save the fuel. It is a very useful technology to save fuel and obviously money. a lot can be saved in long routes.

2. Measuring driver/field worker performance: In the world of smartphones it is now very easy to measure the field performance by analyzing the halts and stopping time by a driver. This can be done through some field tracking mobile apps which are proving to be very beneficial for the industry. Now operators can instantly know the real position of their drivers during the work.

3. Interacting with back-end systems (e.g. CRM – customer relationship management, payroll, etc.): Smartphones can log their time in and time out or fill other required data straightaway through their mobile phones. They do not unnecessarily have to come to operator office to log attendance.

4. Managing scheduling and routing: With the use of Smartphones, it becomes very easy to manage the scheduling and routing of the next trip of your driver. It automaticaly appears on the certain app you use.

5. GPS: Google maps embedded in almost every smart phone has revolutionized the transportation system. Now there is no need to carry those odd paper maps with you which often create huge problems when you read them wrong. You just need to put up location in the google maps or other GPS apps and you will get a clear cut route to reach your destination.

6. Communication: Communication is the key factor in any business so in logistics and supply chain management. Mobile phones has acted as a huge facilitator between truck drivers and the operators. Now the important information can be shared through calls, SMS or Emails. This all happened due to the mobile technology.

This is the kind of impact that mobile technology has created on Logistics, supply chain and management companies. Looking forward for your thoughts in comment sections.


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