QacQoc GN28K Aluminum USB C Hub

The ability to connect as many peripherals as possible to our Macbook computers is a privilege most users dream about. With only two or three ports provided, achieving this is quite a challenge, well, unless you have a multiple port hub. With a high quality hub such as the QacQoc GN28K USB C Hub, you can easily connect your phone, tablet, printer, SD, micro SD and output screens among others. Even with all these, charging and data transmission speeds are not compromised. As much as there are quite a number of similar products in the market, the QacQoc GN28K Aluminum Hub has features that ensure ultimate user satisfaction, some of which are reviewed here.

QacQoc GN28K Aluminum USB C Hub for Macbook Pro

Design and Features

-All-In-One Hub.

The QacQoc GN28K USB C HUB is designed to ensure the Macbook user is able to access all kinds of ports at the same time with ease. This hub is equipped with two USB 3.0 ports, two USB type C ports, a HDMI port, a micro SD card slot and an SD card slot.

-The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 (Gen 1) ports offer data transfer speeds of up to 640MBps (5Gbps), which are enough to transfer a full HD movie in a matter of seconds. This hub supports external hard drives of up to 2TB memory.

-Its two USB Type C ports include the Thunderbolt 3 port that supports the USB 3.1 (Gen 2) and offers ultrafast pass-through charging, video output and data transfer.

-The other USB Type C port supports the USB-C 3.1 (Gen 1) and offers up to 5Gbps data transmission thus faster connections.

-Its HDMI port supports up to 4K 30Hz video output, thus perfect video quality is achieved on additional monitors or projectors that are connected. However, it is not compatible with Dell monitors.

-This hub’s SD and micro SD card slots may be underrated, but they actually allow easier access, faster editing and transfer of files.

With all these ports working at optimum speeds and compatibility, the QacQoc GN28K surely does give you the golden chance to meet all your needs in terms of connection of multiple computer accessories.


-Slim and Compact Design.

This kind of design totally matches that of the Macbook Pro 13″ and 14″, particularly the 2016/2017 models. Featuring a brushed Aluminum alloy body in Gray and Silver colors, not only does it match the beautiful looks of the Macbook, but this alloy material also prevents overheating. Its compactness also allows for easier storage and transportation. This USB hub has a high quality finishing that complements the Macbook’s unmatched classy design.


-Features two USB-C Male Ports.

These USB-C connectors are specifically designed for the latest Macbook Pro models, with one of these USB-C ports meant for power delivery while the other is meant for data transfer. Not only does this allow for more intelligent power delivery which include simultaneous transfer of charge and data, but it also quells the need for messy cable connectors. Rather, it attaches directly onto the side of your Macbook thus no interruptions of data transfer or even device charging even when you are on the move.


-Included is a leather case and a user manual.

This beautiful leather case acts as a compact carry bag for this hub, thus making it easier for owners to store or travel with it. It also comes with a user manual that explains how to use the hub systematically, as well as the different functions of each of the ports.

QacQoc GN28K Aluminum USB C Hub


-Compact and slim.

This design makes it easier to move or travel with this hub whenever and wherever you want to go with your Macbook.


Given the fact that it attaches directly to the Macbook via its male USC C ports, there is no need for connection cords that are known for interruption of connectivity and charging especially when you want to move around with your laptop.

-Super fast speeds.

This USB C hub makes use of advanced technologies to ensure the fastest charging and data transfer speeds. The Thunderbolt technology is just one of the features that ensure faster speeds.

-Offers perfect video output.

Whether it is via its HDMI port or its Thunderbolt port, this hub supports video outputs of up to 4K quality at 30Hz, which translates to the highest quality videos displayed on multiple connected screens or via projectors.


This USB C hub’s versatility is achieved by it being able to perform data transfer and charging simultaneously. This makes it easier for Macbook users to multitask without compromising power or speeds.



The QacQoc GN28K USB C Hub is a bit tight to fit.

QacQoc GN28K

Final Verdict.

Macbooks are high-end products and finding the perfect USB hub has always been expensive and a huge challenge. However, with the QacQoc GN28K USB Type C hub, you will be able to enjoy convenience and reliability at affordable prices. Given its great speeds and versatility, there is absolutely no reason to even consider a different brand. If you own the latest 2016/2017 Macbook Pro brands, then this QacQoc is definitely your ideal device.


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