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Mobile website optimization was always on the minds of business owners and website managers. However, after Google rolled out the Mobile-First Index, the game changed in a big way. Now a website must meet certain standards to allow you to outrank competitors on mobile devices.


“Indexing, and ranking systems mainly uses the desktop version of a web page’s content, which can cause problems for mobile searchers and users when that particular version is very much different from the mobile set of version, Google Webmasters told the users after the Mobile-First Index rollout. “By mobile-first indexing we mean that people will use the mobile version of the page for ranking and indexing purposes, to help out our – primarily mobile – users find what they’re looking for.”


To help, we compiled a few must-do mobile optimization tactics to ensure you are getting the best ranking on Google SERPs. Let’s take a deeper look!

1. Keep Mobile Responsiveness And Design In Mind

Developing a website, or tweaking it to provide a powerful mobile user experience means having responsiveness and design at the forefront of your efforts. What is mobile responsiveness? This is the ability for your desktop web design to automatically change to fit any mobile device, whether it is an iPhone, Samsung, or tablet. This is an easy and efficient way to deliver the user experience needed to keep site visitors on page.


“With a new design like this, you’re very much ahead of your competitors. And it ranks your website to seamlessly purvey to newer devices with which users use to surf the Internet e.g. smart devices, mobile devices, smart watches etc.,” Brian Rashid told it in a Forbes article.


Luckily, most WordPress themes are mobile responsive. But it is a good idea to ensure your website is adaptable by checking it on multiple devices, because you simply can’t afford to ignore it. Website design is certainly more than just content and images, it is a way to ensure a site is accessible on any device.

2. Keep Your Website Audience Engaged With Quality Visual Content

Engagement is an important ranking factor for websites, known as time on page. When optimizing your site for mobile, having a greater time on page, or engagement level will help increase your ranking, as well as increase your conversion rate. How? The more time a site visitor spends on one of your web pages, the more quality information they are getting, thus resulting in a higher potential for conversion, whether that is an email capture, sign-up for a service, or sale.


Having more visual content on your website can increase engagement greatly. Visual content forms like images and video are great to have as supplemental to your informative and actionable content. For example, video testimonials and infographics that add value to a site visitor can make a big engagement difference.


Just be sure that the visual content you’re serving up is of quality. You definitely don’t want to provide a video that is unprofessional and/or having zero value added. The same goes for images. Be sure images are HD quality, and not free stock images too. To keep site speed fast, compress your images and embed videos with a URL.

3. Integrate Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Into Your Website

While we are on the topic of mobile website speed, we should discuss the importance of integrating Google accelerated mobile pages (AMP) into your strategy. Page load time can make the difference in gaining a new customer, or losing a customer to your competitors. It is also important in ranking.


AMP is an easy way to optimize your web pages and posts, as well as get the most traffic to your website. “Google-sponsored research shows that AMP provides an average of a double increase in time spent on a particular page,” Eric Enge said in a Moz article. “This data also shows you the e-commerce websites experience an average of 20 percent increase in conversion of sales compared to non-AMP web pages on a website.”


If you have AMP, but site speed on mobile is still an issue, you may need to look in other places to improve the “need for speed.” Your website hosting could be the problem. Professional WordPress web hosting providers will be sure to keep page load time a priority by keeping server storage optimal, and keep up time issues non-existent.

Start Outranking Competitors Today

The time for mobile optimization is now. If you have yet to make mobile optimization a priority, it is time to start. The benefits are certainly enticing, and who wouldn’t want to outrank the competition in Google? The above mobile optimization tips are just the tip of the iceberg, but a few of the most important. Are you ready to outrank and increase conversions?



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