Revealed I Phone 7 Review 5
Revealed I Phone 7 Review 5

The all new I phone 7 will be arriving in the market in 2016 September. The phone is likely to be launched first in England in September, 2016. So people should be ready to shed of money on this new iPhone 7 which will be launched in 2016 September in England. The phone will feature many new specs as well as new display screen. The phone will have all new exclusive feathers such USB reversible charger, e-SIM will be there in place of physical SIM card and x-ray. The new iPhone 7 will be making the headlines when it will be launched what it seems to be. The amazing features of the phone will rock your world. The all new display screen will be seen in new shape with edge-to-edge display. So now you can see the notifications from the border of the screen and which will help to see display from sideways as well.

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So let us talk about the phone which will be the most awaited phone in the coming year. The phone will look similar to the likes of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The phone will be having large display screen which will make Apple a contender in the market phablets. The phone is likely to get loved by each and every person when it will be launched. The camera power of the phone will be 14 MP which was not found in earlier iPhone’s. So this iPhone will be having two variants such as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. So iPhone will get far better what we used to see in earlier ones. The screen size of the phone is expected to be around 5.7 inches with ppi counts expected to be raised to 460 ppi pixel density.


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Talking about the processor and RAM, the phone will have upgraded Apple A10 processor clubbed with M10 motion co-processor. The i Phones earlier had upgraded RAM of 2 GB which is expected to be same this time also. The phone will come with iOS 10 pre-installed. There will be a new headphone jack called D jack for the headphones. So once again Apple will be changing the course of the game by changing port of the new devices, so it meant that old devices will be of no use. This will again leave fans unhappy that they have buy accessories for their new iPhone 7. The jack is to be 2mm of diameter, with technology being called D jack.


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This iPhone will have waterproof protection which was never found in its previous phones. So the phone is added with new weapon to protect it from water. It is better that water should find some other way to go from. The phone will prevent water from coming inside which will be on user’s edge to feel secured. The phone will also get e-SIM which will replace the physical SIM card as e-sim will be available to make switch between carries easily and will allow more flexibility when roaming. It will be much easier to switch between other carriers when roaming in other countries. The phone won’t be requiring any sim while switching to another carrier.


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The new display screen will be the most awaited feature as it will make the phone look far better than phones. So the phone will have edge to edge display screen which allow users to see notifications and app icons on the border of the screen. The screen will make the compliment the hardware and software of the phone. The Apple calls it ‘sidewall display’. The idea has been inspired from Samsung S6 Edge and S6 Edge+. It is revealed that phone will this design will be patented and the screen will be locked from both sides and only allows music player and messaging and other features to be accessible from that corner without even swiping or logging in the password to unlock the phone. This extra screen to the borders of the phone will make it look much more virtual in this real world.


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The other revealed feature of the phone is that it will have touch ID display which will allow the owner of the phone to open the phone through its touch. No other person will be able to open to it. The technology is said to be known as ultrasonic bio-metric sensors which will be working under Gorilla Glass display. The Gorilla glass will make the screen tougher than before. Thus this feature seems to be farfetched one but with Apple anything is possible to happen. The Home/Back button will be present there on the display screen itself which is making this phone above all phones. The users will have full feel to the touch screen now as the Home button is also present on the display screen.


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The phone will have reversible USB charger, with lighting port on one end of charger and new reversible USB connector on other end. The phone will be available in three variants i.e. 16 GB/ 64 GB/ 128 GB. So phone gives enough room to user to store as much data as you can in your device. The users will surely love the storage it is providing with all new features in upcoming iPhone7. The price of the phone is expected to be around 75,999 INR. The price may not be the big concern for the users when they are about to experience the All New revolutionary iPhone 7. The phone has all what is going to make Apple what it is known to do. The company has always been looking forward to innovate and classy when it comes to gadgets, camera and much more.


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So summing up and coming to the conclusion that the phone will be an altogether amazing experience to look forward to. Apple has always astonished everyone with its futuristic thinking and now is the time to see that Apple keeps that reputation intact. The user will be allowed to make the difference between the phones and iPhone 7 when it will be launched.

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