SEO Changes

You may attribute a good ranking on SERP Book to a wise choice of keywords, great content and smart marketing campaigns. Well, you are right, but there is more to that. There are a few tricks that may be unconventional that you may try out to get better SEO results.

SEO Changes

You might be a little reluctant in implementing them, but you can rest assured that they have been tested and have been fruitful.

10 SEO changes that you need to affect

1.    Be more creative with your Infographics

You have many reasons to integrate Infographics into your content marketing. Infographics search volume has been increasing steadily from the time it was established till the recent past. However, it is a bit of getting old. Nevertheless, it still does not stop making your marketing efforts attractive and compelling, viewable, portable and useful for brand awareness to mention a few.

That said, a few changes to your Infographics will be beneficial to your SEO. You can start by being more creative with them. Make use of moving Infographics or 3D Infographics; it will be worth every single penny you dish out.

2.    Pay more attention to click-through rates

Do you want a high ranking? It is about time that you maximised on click-through rate. As the saying goes, you cannot keep doing things the same way and expect different results. By employing analytics tools, you can know where you stand with click-through rate. A rate of above 40 per cent means that you are doing well. Evaluation of such a metrics will help you identify areas in which you need to improve.

Identifying the keywords that get you more clicks will enable you to maximise on those particular ones. Authorship is also another way by which you can increase your click-through rate. An authorship snippet will help your link stand out from the crowd.

3.    Speed will always win

If your pages take more than 5 minutes to load, you need to change that. The rate at which your site loads have a significant impact on your site ranking on search engines like Google. Statistics show that 40 per cent of the visitors who go to your site will exit if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load. It means that you could lose 7 per cent of conversions if you let a slow loading speed get in the way.

Google has come up with ways in which you can increase the loading speed of your page. One is page speed which is a software that helps you know your page speed score and gives you suggestions on how to make it faster. Speed loading site does not necessarily have to be optimised through the site’s infrastructure. Your servers may also be the culprit. You can replace your CPU with one that has more memory and power.

4.    Change the length of your content

The famous slogan that goes, less is always more, may not be working for your website. More content will get your site to rank higher. However, it does not mean that you should only focus on outdoing yourself with the word count and forget all about the value you give to your clients.

It is where the length comes in; detailed content will be beneficial to your audience. A 500-word article may not be that precise, around 2000 words will do.

5.    Responsive web design

According to recent reports by Statista, over 52 per cent of web traffic is accredited to mobile searches. If your suite is currently getting very little traffic from a mobile search, it could be because your website design is not responsive.

You should make your website mobile-friendly for you to take advantage of the growing mobile traffic. You can do it by compressing your images and HTML, using better themes, implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and increasing the page loading speed to mention a few. Your efforts to make the user-experience better will always be rewarded.

6.    Release free tools

Do you want more people to click on your link? There is a better way of doing it than content marketing. Why not change your tact and develop tools and gift the market. It will not hurt to steal a few ideas from companies that are doing well, to come up with your features.

By so doing, you will get more traffic than you ever could through content marketing. Your page-views will increase, your bounce rates will decrease and your visitor loyalty and their time on your site will also spike. The trick with tools is to make them as user-friendly as possible and create a high demand for them.

7.    You will not be penalised for borrowing Infographics

You need to take advantage of this before your competitor also realises that they can benefit from stealing. There are a couple of websites that use Infographics from other people, and that way their sites get more shares, clicks and more traffic.

However, to avoid being punished for duplication of content, you could link it back to them and also make some slight changes on the captions. Whatever you do, do not borrow or steal text-based content. If you work in a smart way around this, you will get more traffic flowing in for content that you did not break a sweat for.

8.    Use personas

The volume of visitors who get to view your website does not mean it is beneficial. You need relevant traffic. And relevant traffic means you need first to have a clue about your user’s persona. It will help you know the type of keywords that they are more likely to use.

Unlike producing content blindly, understanding your audience will help you come up with better marketing design. Your marketing campaigns will be more targeted, which means that you will get quality conversions, hence more traffic.

9.    Employ the  skyscraper technique

The skyscraper technique is all about hunting down content that is likely to generate links, refine it and make it even better and extend to the right people. You can, for example, make it longer, create a better design for it, and be detailed.

People will always want the best of everything, and having the best of a particular topic will undoubtedly earn you the traffic you desire and a good ranking.

10.    Implement a product showdown

Last but not least, is to put a product showdown into consideration. A product showdown will help in link building, hence more traffic to your website.

Do not be an enemy of change, embracing the tricks I have mentioned will reap your SEO countless benefits.


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