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Well few years back smart homes were dream but now IoT has made every dream possible. Now there is an app for each and every appliance and electronic item in your home. Whether these are lights, air conditioner, security cameras or your entertainment devices like TV or Music system, you can control each of them with your smartphone.

The best part is you don’t necessarily need to be at home to control these. If you someday forgot to turn off the lights then you can turn them off with the app integrated with your lights. You can know more bout smart homes here.

But there are millions of apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It becomes a pain to look for the best smart home apps for your smart integrated home. Here we have sorted out some of the best smart home apps that can be very handy while controlling your integrated home.

Smart Home

SmartThings (Free, iOS)

SmartThings is a free app that will make your smartphone the remote for controlling the everyday appliances in your smart home by connecting various devices and sensors to the SmartThings platform. Customers can get a kit that carries a SmartThing Smart Home hub and a variety of sensors. Cost of this kit is just $300. You can easily connect these with various devices and appliances at your home whether it is your garage door or a coffee maker, air conditioning system or smart light bulbs. You can control and monitor them via the SmartThings app in your iPhone.

Nest (Free, Android, iOS)

Nest smart thermostat is an awesome smart home app that with which you can directly control your smarthome’s temperature. You can adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere. If it starts snowing when you are coming back home, then you can use your smartphone to turn on the thermostat to make the home temperature warm till you come home. Its not a full fledged home automation app but controls some of the devices. Its included here as it is very handy to use.

Control4 MyHome (Free App; [4Sight, $100 yearly] Android, iOS)

This is an unbeatable app with 4Sight integration which costs you an extra $100 annually. This is a perfect app to control your entire house and its 4Sight integration gives you a complere 3G/4G connection to your smart home appliances such as security, entertainment systems, lights and other electronic gadgets with your Android smartphone or iPhone. The best part is you can magically switch off the video game consoles remotely when your kid is playing it instead of doing his/her homework. Control4 has made this with a simple interface so that can be operated easily.

Ninja Blocks another Internet of Things Apps that helps you to control the things your way. The Ninja Starter Kit starts from $200 and you can go for additional sensors for $5-$15. This is a cloud based app that takes information from the sensors and process it. (Free, iOS, Blackberry, Android,Windows Phone) is one of the most admired smart home automation apps. This app works with various of the systems one of which is Vivint’s automation system. It costs $69 a month and a one time installation fee of $199. This app have all the home automation capabilities with additional Geo based tracking services like it tracks your position from your home. And if you are coming home, it detects and adjust the temperature. It turn on the air conditioners or heaters depending upon the temperature outside and inside. It can adjust the lights and garage doors more automatically rather giving commands every time. You can opt for the push notifications straight to your smartphone for various occasions like when you left the garage door open or when your kids are home.

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