Key Features of SnapTube Application

SnapTube application has made quite a name for itself on account of the different convenient features that the app offers in terms of video and music downloading from a wide range of sites. Previously, there was a dearth of websites which allowed users to download videos from YouTube or MetaCafe but now, more and more developers are striving to bring out new apps which would support this functionality. SnapTube stands out from the rest on account of its different features which makes this app one of the widest used downloading applications of today.




The Various USP’s of the Snaptube app are:

  • The app is incredibly lightweight and does not take up much storage space in your device. Additionally, while downloading goes on, the application also keeps in mind the optimal storage space which is ideal for your smartphone.
  • SnapTube allows you to download videos and movies spanning a range of resolution formats starting from the very basic 360p ranging up to the high-definition 1080p video quality. The size of the video formats, although variable, are optimized to correctly line-up space for videos in your smartphone.
  • SnapTube has a very clean easy to navigate interface which helps you understand all the functionalities of the application in one go. First time users get access to a tutorial which guides them through different features of the application.
  • The app supports many video formats, such as mp4, mpeg, flv, mpg, mov, avi, webm, etc as well as available in many different languages offering subtitles in English, Spanish, French etc.



  • Most downloading applications today require very fast internet speed in order to successfully function but this isn’t the case in terms of SnapTube as the application does not have superfast internet speed as a requisite. The developers claim that SnapTube would function optimally even with moderate internet speeds.
  • In an age where almost every person possesses a smartphone, downloading videos on the go has never been easier. SnapTube app is available across a wide range of smartphone platforms spanning Android, Windows as well as iOS devices. Ideally, the best compatibility for the application lies with the android smartphones of today with the app requiring a minimum of Android 2.3 Gingerbread to function properly. SnapTube is also available on the new Blackberry smartphones which have built in Blackberry support for android Apk files.
  • Today, Music is an important tool for a person on-the-go and there isn’t a doubt that an extensive music library is a must in a smartphone. One of the striking features of the SnapTube application is that it lets users download Mp3 audio format files of any YouTube or other video which automatically gets synced with the default music player in your smartphone.
  • Hassle free viewing through SnapTube is another plus for the app as it offers ad-free binging also allowing up to ten simultaneous downloads at the same point of time.
  • For the most part of it, SnapTube is a Free application which requires nothing else but a working moderate;y up to date smartphone and an internet connection or wi-fi network. That’s all you need to download the best videos and music there is for you.



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