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The default messenger on Android leaves all of us craving for more. It only features to give our contacts some custom pictures, but no other option or feature is available. A little change in the background and themes can make our default chat more interesting. And to make this thing happen there are apps, themes and wallpapers which can fulfil your desires. There are text message background apps that exist to ensure that your messenger looks and handles its best. A few of them are discussed here.

New Text Message background: Apps, Themes and Wallpapers

All the apps with their features are listed below. You can go through them one by one and can choose the best one for yourself.

  1. GO SMS Pro – Free (In-App Purchases)

GO SMS is around for quite a long time, and people like to use it too but there are some specific reasons why people still use it. When GO SMS is laced with lots of features like proper encryption, pop up messages with pictures, the ability to pin texts and group messages, and features a big list of emojis to make our chats more enjoyable. These all features enhance the user experience and make the chatting more easily and fun.

There is no comparison between the GO SMS Pro and the default android messenger, Go SMS Pro is much ahead of it in many ways. GO SMS Pro is free to download on app store, the only problems comes in ads as a part of your messenger experience but you can remove them if you want by paying a small amount of fee. You can even purchase some fancy backgrounds and themes.

And there’s one more good news for you, if you directly purchase the pro version of the app you get access to all the paid themes and background s of the app for free.

text message background


  • of theme and background options are available.
  • You can stick your important messages to the top of the messenger.
  • It provides you the option to create your own custom themes
  • Buying the pro version gets you access to all the paid themes and backgrounds.
  • If your phone supports dual SIM then this app will also work for both the SIMs.
  • Proper encryption is done on the messages.


  • Ads keeps you disturbing again and again if your not a pro version user.
  • All the themes and background snare not free.

Group messages don’t responds fast they are on the slower side.


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  1. Textra SMS – Free (In-App Purchases)

Second in queue is Textra which is a text messenger that looks very simple, but accommodate a huge amount of customization features.
Basic options first, Textra lets you customize the color of your theme, the style, the shape of text bubbles, and even your emoji style while you text. If the 100+ themes of the app failed to satisfy you then you can even make your own.

In similarity with GO SMS, Textra is also not completely free. You can use this apps features for free, but there other extra purchases which you’ll found inside the app. The store in Textra isn’t so much extensive as GO SMS Pro app, but its unique in it own.

text message background


  • Allows you to create your own custom themes.
  • Has a big collection of free themes and background to choose from.
  • Supports both SIMs in dual SIM phones.
  • Option for extra download is also available.
  • Highly customization according to the choice. Its gives you complete freedom to make whatever you like.


  • Not completely free.
  • Looks very basic while being default (if changes not done).


  1. Mood Messenger

The third one is Mood Messenger and its all about creating a user friendly experience, and providing you the way to express yourself by using different types of emotes and emoji almost automatically depending on the settings of the app.

The app includes a number of themes and backgrounds, and these helps you to reflect you present feeling and mood and even the mood of the people on the other side. The notification features is all time favorite that shows you who’s texting you with a small bubble that’s easy to check and don’t cover your screen much. You can even dump the bubble after seeing it.

Mood Messenger isn’t just for SMS, if you want to enjoy it in real you should use it for MMS too. But yes! the mood messenger consumes a lot of your data. So it would be efficient to use with a WiFi connection.

text message background


  • Customization option available.
  • Free SMS and MMS options available.
  • A good and catchy notification system.
  • Completely free unlike the other two mentioned above.



  • You will have to download another app if you are seeking better background and themes.
  • Auto-convert to emoji is turned on by default and there is no option to disable it.
  1. EvolveSMS (Text Messaging) – Free (In-App Purchases)

Last but not the least in any way is EvolveSMS.It looks alike the default messenger. But it has plenty of surprises. It features customization to keep anyone happy.
In comparison to the default Android messenger EvolveSMS is much faster, it comprises of many more built in themes, colors, and backgrounds, and it also supports different media files types like gifs. But some of these features are not available for the free version. To use all the features of the app you have to pay a little money.

text message background

  • The interface look of the app is very good.
  • Very fast, easy and efficient to use.
  • Has a bunch of themes in-app to choose from.
  • Cons:
  • Has in-app purchases (It means it’s not completely free).


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Additional Text Messenger Themes and Backgrounds

With some of the above mentioned app there are some other app too which integrate with these app to provide you guys much more great experience. These aren’t by any means necessary to download, but each additional download here will help you customize your new messenger to your heart’s content and will enhance the user experience.

  1. GO SMS Additional Apps and Downloads

GO SMS has almost has too many options for guys (which you can download), but here i present the ones that are best in my point of view.

First and foremost is GO Keyboard. This GO keyboard is available in two different versions, old and new one,the new one is launched in the 2017, my recommendation to most users is to go for older ones because the newer version of the app features a different typing recognition system for swipe typing, but some user don’t liked this feature. The old model was also very efficient in many ways as compared to the newer one.

Next up are some themes for GO SMS that you can download from Playstore that too for free :

Black and White Theme: This theme is pretty basic and is just what it sounds like, but sometimes basic is all you need to enjoy your text messenger a little more.

Jungle Jewels Theme: With jungle jewels you get a vibrant and almost candy like theme with no. of colorful animals in a bright jungle setting.

Glass EX(Theme): The glass EX has an unique style that looks like cartoonist, but is simple and pleasing to eye at the same time. This theme is just awesome for people who want a pleasing effect for their eyes.

Clear Water Theme: Last but not least is this water themed background, it’s a simple but colorful one that makes and it also gives a underwater feel.

  1. Textra Additional Apps and Downloads

Textra features a theme and background maker right inside of the app, so if you are using this app then you don’t have download and other app. This requires different plugins in order to change the emojis styles and many more.

There are different styles available almost 5 styles, and you can download all of them.

  1. Mood Messenger Additional Apps and Downloads

While GO SMS Pro has the mod ad dons to download in the Play Store, Mood Messenger most likely has the least. You have the variety in the app to choose from whereas you can even download another app to which will act as a marketplace of the themes.

  1. Evolve SMS Additional Apps and Downloads

Evolve SMS has plenty of themes right on the Play Store and i am listing here some of my favorites:

Posties Theme: This theme changes your texts into little notes and makes your background look like a board to on which lots of short messages are sticked on. This theme costs you $0.99.

Rainy Wrap Theme: The rainy wrap theme is minimalist in nature, you guessed it, this will give a watery and rainy feel. It’s almost relaxing to just look at, and you can buy this for $0.99.

Hangouts Theme: Last one if the hangout theme which we can say is a little bit copied form the google hangout app but it is with a new feel.

All of these themes only work when you have Evolve SMS installed on your device. This app and all the themes are available on the Play Store.


So these were a few of best apps that I know for providing us with a wonderful experience of texting with no extra efforts and costs. In fact they provide us with extra themes and features to make ours a memorable experience.

So choose among them carefully and enjoy texting and chatting with you loved ones.



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