From top of the range models, to the best budget buys, we review the most sought-after hybrid laptops available in 2018. Determining which laptop/tablet is best for you will depend on how you use it and how often, as someone that relies on a laptop for daily work purposes will have different specifications to that of someone using it for gaming or film downloads. Use this brief guide to help you determine which 2018 model is the right one for you.


Dell XPS 15 2-in-1

Combining the power of a gaming laptop with the portability of contemporary models, the Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 if fantastic for gaming on the go. It appears that the days of bulky gaming laptop are coming to an end, and this laptop is leading a way to a sleeker, lighter future. It boasts a 15.6-inch Full HD touch display, 8th-generation Intel Core i5-8305G processor with Radeon RX Vega M GL graphics, 8GB of DDR4 memory and a 128GB solid-state drive. The clarity and display quality is perfect for sporting gamers who enjoy the detailed graphics of games like the ones found at Bigsamo.Com, and the 15-hour battery life is ample time for even the most enthusiastic gamer.  Besides being somewhat expensive, at just under $1300, the Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 also has one other downside in that the fan can be incredibly noisy, but this is a small price to pay for such an impressive machine.


Asus Zenbook UX310UA

This laptop – tablet hybrid makes the list as it is the best all-round model, providing excellent performance at a lower price than many others in its class. Buyers of this laptop would be compromising on battery-life, but if this isn’t too much of an issue for you, the benefits of the 7th-generation Kaby Lake processor are all too apparent. Users can enjoy backlit keys, a speedy wake up, and a light-weight aluminium body. This is an incredibly attractive laptop that can be used in the office and at home. It may not be as light-weight as some of its counterparts, and of course there is the battery-life issue to contend with, but overall this is a superb buy.


Acer ChromeBook R11

If it’s a budget laptop you require, look no further than the Acer Chromebook R11. Available at less than $300, it looks good, feels good and has an easily manoeuvred hinge that transforms it from laptop to tablet without any fuss. At this price, you can expect to compromise on some things, such as a smaller screen, and comparatively low resolution, but the resolution is fine for the screen size, and the battery life is a perfectly acceptable, 9 hours. Smaller and lighter, the Acer Chromebook R11 is ideal for those seeking a hybrid that is portable, performs well, and fits a lower budget.


It is important to shop around and be certain about what it is you require from your laptop before you begin your search.










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