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As the days pass developers think of a new kind of apps whose features would be aspiring and will create a benchmark in the same field. It is not so that every app developed becomes the best. Some also fall in the heap of mud and are forgotten by the people. Now the problem arises when we have to choose the best one from the collection apps. So, I am here to sort out your difficulties with the list of new and exciting apps that would be best suited for your device. So, have a look at the list of these apps and then decide what would be awesome for you.

Let’s go.

  1. TIMBRE: – Well, it is always full of fun to edit someone’s voice, and today it has become trendy for the youth to edit their voices and then to share it on the social media platform to gain the shares and the likes. Now it is becoming far more than possible using the Timbre app and doesn’t worry it is available in Google Play Store from where you can easily it and can cut and convert MP3s on your phone. The app also featured with the ability to cut out video portions and convert video formats.


Download here TIMBRE

  1. WRAPUP SMART VOICE RECORDER: – There have been many voice recording apps developed. Some reach the top of the sky while some even fail to rise from the land. But thanks to Wrapup Smart Voice Recorder app which had been great and is like a dream coming true for those who use their phone for meetings or interview purposes. Thanks to the high-quality notes and the extra advanced features which you can add during voice recording. So, go to Google Play Store and download this excellent app.



3. NETFLIX: – Well, I think that Netflix is the biggest online streaming app where you have to just think of your favorite movies or TV series and the very next moment it would be visible before you. Now if you have forgotten to watch any of your favorites just go to Netflix and ask about your favorite and within a second it would be displayed on your screen whom which you can easily enjoy with a single touch on it. So, don’t panic yourself in moving here and there in search for your movies only call Netflix and your problem would be sorted out.


Download here NETFLIX

  1. AWESUMMLY Short News App: – Majority of the people have the habit of reading the newspaper in the morning with a sweet sip of tea along with some biscuits. Well, that’s not true that at that time also they read with full concentration, the pressure of the work insist them to finish their tea and the biscuits sooner rather than the later. Also, these media people sometimes write too much about a particular news which we can only say that they are doing it to bounce to vaunt. Now, open this awesome app and taste the difference between a traditional newspaper and this excellent app. It is an instant short news app where you don’t have to completely devote your time to read the news because the writings in this app are in short versions and thus you can easily read it. You can also read short news from the official website.

                 short news app

Download their short News App

  1. YOU TUBE: – This app does not need any introduction, and we can’t find a single smartphone without this app. Through this app, you can watch the unlimited number of videos and not only be watching you can upload your own made videos where you can gain your likes and the subscribers. Well, this app is not only for watching videos and is used as a business app where you can earn a considerable amount of money by uploading the lectures of the relevant topics which are burning these days.



Download down  YOUTUBE

  1. BANDCAMP: – The importance of music can hardly be ignored in an individual’s life which has a sea of advantages for you. The remarkable healing power of the music releases us from all our tensions and anxieties, and so the downloading of this app is a must. This excellent app has the collection of all the songs which you are looking for starting from the golden earlier period to the rocking new generation song. So, download this app and enjoy your music anytime, anywhere.


Download here BANDCAMP

  1. FACEBOOK: – The biggest social network platform which has to bring the hands of all its user on a single web is none other than Facebook. The app does not need any introduction, and the name itself is enough to specify its importance especially for the youths who a majority of their times spent in chatting with their friends. Well, the app can also be used as a valuable business tool where you can expand your business to a full wave by connecting with your clients and all.


Download here FACEBOOK

  1. SKYPE: – Now forget the voice chatting and chat with your friends face to face. It is not so that you can establish face to face connection with this app but also communicate with the typings. So, what are you looking for go to Google Play Store and download this excellent app?


Download here SKYPE


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