Top Air Conditioners Under Rs 25000
Top Air Conditioners Under Rs 25000

From being an ultra-luxury product, an Air Conditioner has quietly made its way into the middle-class homes of the country over the last decade or so. The increasing levels of incomes, the improved awareness, availability and the massive penetration of online sale channels has meant that more and more people are now buying domestic air-conditioning products. In this sea of air conditioners, which ones are the best for budget-conscious consumers? In this article, we will advise you of the Top 5 Air Conditioners that are excellent value for money and are available at Rs. 25,000 or less.


  • Haier HW18L3H – If you are looking at an entry level AC, This is the one for you. Although the AC is rated 2 stars, Haier products are known for its optimum energy utilization. The product has a very compact look and comes with an auto restart function that saves the last used settings in the case of a power outage. The 1.5-ton AC is available for a very attractive price of Rs. 23521 on e-commerce portals.

Haier AC

  • Voltas 125DY – If you have a small room that you want to cool and are looking for an AC with 1 ton of cooling power, this is among the best available in the market. At a price of 24449, this sleek window AC from the house of Voltas comes with great features such as auto restart, and sleep mode that automatically adjusts the temperature during sleep. This 5-star energy efficient AC is definitely among the top buys for the budget conscious buyer. This is undoubtedly one of the best air conditioners under 25000.

Voltas AC

  • Lloyd LS13A3B – If you want a split AC within a shoestring budget that has a host of features, this AC is just the right one for you. The sleek and minimalist looking AC is packed with features such as a sleep mode, a humidity control mode and is perfect for a small room of less than or equal to 90 square feet since this AC has the tonnage of 1 ton. This AC is priced at Rs. 22,990 and is available on many online shopping sites.

Lloyd AC

  • Panasonic CW-YC1214YA– This 1-ton window AC with a three-star power rating is a great value-for-money buy from the reputed house of Panasonic. Available at an affordable Rs. 24479, this AC has a copper condenser coil and a low noise level of just 45db. The AC comes with a great rugged look and has the features of hot as well as cold temperature control.

Panasonic AC

  • Whirlpool WAC1T MAGICOOL COPR3S– Coming from the consumer durables giant, Whirlpool, this 1-tonne window AC can be a great choice for the budget conscious consumer. This AC comes with an auto sleep mode; a full copper condenser coil and an auto-restart function. This 3-star energy efficient, sleek AC is available for the best price of 22498 across shopping websites.

Whirlpool AC

As is evident from the discussion above, you don’t need a lot of money to get yourself a good quality air conditioner. All you need is a little awareness, knowledge, and discretion. All ACs are inherently different, and you must choose one wisely that can completely serve your unique cooling requirement. We do hope that the above list will certainly serve as a reference point for your next selection of air conditioner.


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