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top notification apps


Waiting for a text about an important meeting or anticipating the latest updates for your phone, the notification feature has you covered. There’s no chance you’re going to miss out on any important information because your android is designed to keep you updated with the best while leaving the rest. The notification feature of android and other OS ensure minimal intrusion and notify the users about everything even when the app is not being operated.

Although the notification feature of android is smooth in functioning it still has quite a few shortcomings. So to make up for the limitations of your default notification system we have enlisted a few best notification apps for android. These are sure to enhance your overall user experience by providing you the power to modify according to your needs.

Head’s Up

Heads Up


Head’s Up is one of the top apps for notification customization. It shows the notification as a floating pop-up and also gives the option of responding directly from the notification panel. This app also lets you prioritize or block notifications from apps. You can customize the theme, font size, position and other details of the notifications without the use of the internet.

The app also comes with the pocket-detection feature, is available in multiple languages and ensures the privacy of its users.



Shouter is not like the regular notification apps we mostly come across. It’s a voice notification app that reads out the notifications so you don’t have to. It vocalizes the name of the caller, battery level, messages, reminders and all other notifications that you might be too busy to check yourself.

It also comes with loads of features like disabling notifications from certain apps, hiding sensitive information by first reading the name of the app and reminding about the state of the battery.

Snow Ball

Snow Ball

This notification app is one of the best alternatives for the default android one. It is more organized and unified and unlike the default notification system does not accumulate all notifications in the upper taskbar. It creates an independent section within the notification bar, thus preventing any important messages from getting discarded accidentally.

The app other than providing better organization also enables the users to access notifications from the lock screen.

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Flash Notification 2

Flash Notification 2

Flash Notification 2 is another unique app that uses flash-alerts to provide notifications, ensuring a higher probability of response from the user. This app makes sure you don’t miss a single call, message or notification even if your phone is on silent. You have to manually add the apps you require flash-alerts for and then you can customize the flash speed, duration, and many other things.

It can also use the screen flash feature if the phone lacks a front flash.

Dynamic Notification

Dynamic Notifications

This notification app allows the users to receive all notifications even when the phone is locked. The display lights up when a new text or notification arrives and you don’t even need to unlock the device to access them. The app lets the user choose which notification is important and then also provides a short preview of the message.

You can also customize the background color or image, show date and time and hide sensitive details. Other premium features are the night mode, which blocks notifications at night and use the app as the lock screen.

Floatify Lockscreen



Floatify is a heads up notification pop-up app that has features of Quick Reply that lets you respond directly from the notification and Direct Reply that lets you send predefined messages without typing such as ‘okay’ or ‘thanks’. It also lets the users switch to mini heads if they don’t like large ones.

Its Smart Wake feature and automatic pocket detection make it more user friendly and easy to use. The users can customize the app according to their needs such as privacy, sound, and themes.

APUS Message Center

APUS Message Center


APUS Message center is another great application for enhancing the notification experience of android. This notification app manages all the information at one stop such as text messages, WhatsApp messages, calls, and emails and also displays the number of unread messages at the top of the app icon. The user can reply directly from the notification panel using the Quick Reply feature or visit each app separately.

It also lets you search among notifications when they are in bulk thus preventing important ones from getting lost through its easy search feature.

These were some of the best notification apps for android that will help you in keeping your notifications more managed and easily accessible. The open nature of Android allows the replacement of the default notification system with these apps, making the experience more customizable and efficient.



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