Nike + FuelBand

Sports and Technology go hand by hand and many advancements are being made in technology and this has made the modern sports so advance. Here are some of the amazing sports gadgets which has changed the face of modern sports.



Leica is a £495 Gadget which is designed for the well-heeled golfer, the laser based Leica Pinmaster II measured exactly how far it is to the lake/pin/club/bunker or house bar. It can measure accurately up to 825 yards, it features 7x zoom and an perfect LED display.

2. JBL UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphones

JBL UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphones

These are available for $200 from JBL (US). A Sport Wireless Heart Rate HeadphonesJBL Audio
This amazing gadget help you to measure your workout and is connected to its free app that helps you to manage your workout time and body movements.
These have a built-in heart rate monitor.

3. GoPro HD Hero

GoPro HD Hero

It has many variants which starts From US$199.99. The GoPro is an awesome the go-to sports camera for awesome fat videos and pictures of thrilling and fast sports such as cycling down scree-covered slopes, jumping off buildings and cliffs or rafting through rapid streams in a boat. It is the compact and near-unbreakable HD Hero which captures 1080p pictures and videos using a wide angle lens and can be clamped on your bikes, helmets, selfie sticks and surfboards.



It starts from £99.99 and moves up with quality. It was previously known as the Selk’bag, which is a slanket for hard cases. It keep you comfortably packed in the coldest conditions and you can sleep anywhere. If you are looking for sports uniforms for your sports team in your college or your club then you can visit here for custom sports uniforms.



It has a many variants and models and price range is different too.  It can supplement your pedal power with a motor attached when you are tired or required. It uses the energy gained when brakes are applied to replenish some of the battery. It can move you up for up to 100km per charge. There’s even a charging space for your smartphone which can be an ideal position for GPS navigation while in the rough terrain.

6. Nike+ FuelBand

 Nike + FuelBand

Its a £140 gadget by Nike which is available only from London’s NikeTown flagship store. This is a movement sensor that tracks all your exercise and workout and is accelerometer-based. You can also measure steps, set daily goals and time and calories burned.

Technology never sleeps and never stops and we are eagerly waiting for new advancements in technology and of course in sports as well. Share your valuable comments below in the comment box.


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