what do the numbers on snapchat mean

Snapchat, one of the most loved and used social app used around the world today. But its unlike the others. Its unique, as on Facebook, Instagram you follow and become friends with lots of unknown people, with whom you even don’t talk and even they hardly matter to you. But on snapchat you mostly follow only the people you know or public figures.

Unlike the other apps the posts done on Snapchat are temporary. Acting as a daily diary written in disappearing ink rather than permanent, and the diary gives you a fresh start every-time. This ability to make the things disappear overtime and some of its other features (like AR filters) played a really big role in boosting the app in the market. Even apps like Facebook and Instagram followed Snapchat and added the same features, that somehow lagged the Snapchat app behind for some-time. But snapchat again created its hype in the market with its new features, which even keeps adding up every couple of months. Some of them got really popular and people love its AR Filters. Those are so much addicting that users can’t resist them.

what do the numbers on snapchat mean

We can say that Snapchat may be a little bit complicated to use for them who are not much familiar to it. But once you start using it, you actually start loving it.

Snapchat is full of numbers littered around, all over the app. Whether they be ratings or “scores”, for most of the users these numbers must be totally meaningless, (specially for the new ones). What do the numbers on Snapchat mean?

So, are you confused what the numbers on your profile means? Or the numbers next to your friends’ snaps. We have got them all, and we will explain you what they actually mean and what you should take away from each number.

We are again here to help you, lets start and you also get ready to understand your favourite social app in more deep and meaningful way-

Snapchat Scores Explained

First thing first, lets open Snapchat, we will be talking about the latest upgrade of snapchat here.

When you first open the application, it will load into the camera interface. Then click on the icon top left corners (you will see your avatar there or the recently posted story).

Once you have loaded this screen, you will see all sort of information on the page. Your Snapcode would also be displayed there, which allows you to share your Snapchat contact information with your friends. Sharing the Snapcode is easier to find the profile with a username. There you will also find a link to setting menu, a share icon, link to your Bitmoji profile and your list of trophies will also be available.

In the display, you must be noticing that there is a numerical status below your username. This number always keep rising, its you Snapchat Score, this reflects how well you use Snapchat, just like the trophies.

What do the numbers on snapchat mean

Now, there must be thoughts occurring in your mind, how their scores matter? What does it mean? How it rises? So, just have a look and lets try find your answers.

Basically, we can say that you get points for the overall usage of the app. In the “Help” page of the app it is stated that it based on an equation combining the numbers of the snaps you have sent, received, posted stories, filters used, views and others. It could all mean some-thing or nothing when it comes to the Snapchat score.

As Snapchat didn’t reveal how the equation works. But we have given it a try, and may we did not get the exact one but we are somewhere near about it. So here what we have got-

  • Sending and receiving snaps equal to 1 point each, with some snaps occasionally equalling more.
  • Sending snaps to multiple at once doesn’t provide any special benefits.
  • Posting a story gains you 1 point.
  • Viewing and searching chat doesn’t seem to have any impact on the score.
  • Viewing others story also does not provide any benefits to you.
How these points matter to anyone?

Its only to create a competitive feeling among the users to gain more and more points. For some of you it may be useless but there are lots of people who take it really seriously and even follow guides to increase their score. There are lots of articles and guides present on google which promises you to increase your score if you follow them. Sounds silly but its true.

And Yes! a quick tap on your score will received two new numbers your numbers of sent and received snaps respectively. It may sound interesting to some Snapchat fans.

And what about your friends’ Snapchat scores? Well they are listed in a separate section of the app. But you can view anyone’s score you would like to. There are two ways to do this, depending on what user you are looking for-

  • You have to Swipe right from the camera screen so that you can easily enter into the chat display. All your contacts would be displayed. You must click on the bitmoji of your friends. The popup screen will display their score front and center (This method was to view the story of your friends who have not posted any story at that particular time).
  • To see the score of the friends who have posted stories you have tap anywhere in the white space of the chat screen to the left of your camera interface to load their snap conversation display. In this display you must tap on the triple line option on the top left corner, then a screen will appear revealing their bitmoji, username and score.
Other Numbers In Snapchat

Lets look back at the chat screen. Swipe right from the camera display to open the chat interface. There are typically a bunch of numbers here as well, and it can be a bit confusing. Let take on look what all these numbers means here. Those numbers on the on the right side of your contacts? Those are your streak counts. which track how many days in a row you have snapped back and forth with a user. Like the snapchat scores we talked about earlier, these streaks are also important for minimal users. But some of the users take much interest in it and keep building their scores.

Now tap on the search icon, it will open up a hidden display inside the app.  There are not much number based icons here, but if you pay attention to the stories were posted on the account you can find the minutes since the last story was posted. After scrolling down, you will find some “Discover” stories as well as your recent new friends and their snap stories would be visible too (along with their stories or Bitmoji icons).

When you would tap on the Bitmoji/Stories icon in the top left of the camera display, you will see the menu for your story in the middle of the display. After tapping on the circle photo on the left side of the screen, it will automatically play stories for you, while tapping on the grey area, it will open up the story menu displaying everything you have posted. The number showing at the top of the page will be related to the oldest post on your story timeline, showing how many people have viewed your content. On opening the full list of the posts, all the stories will be visible along with the corresponding views. On the left the time-passed since you posted the corresponding is shown. You can also click on the eye icon button to load additional information about who has seen you story, it will even display how many people have screens hotted your story. Snapchat notifies you when someone take screenshot of your story. So you don’t have to check this list again and again.

So, as we already explained that Snapchat in full of numbers that can make it difficult and confusing to understand. That’s we shared this piece of information with you all. So, that you all can become clearer with the functioning of Snapchat. Snapchat numbers are totally harmless pieces of information, Snapchat included them just to maintain the user interest and to provide them a track of their usage. For some of you it may be total useless stuff, but some users seriously find it really interesting, they keep increasing their scores, maintain their streaks, use the filters and much more.

So, this was a small effort from our side to make the whole Snapchat somewhat clearer and meaningful to you all. Hope you all would have liked it and found it helpful.


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