WhatsApp has already had impressive features like Audio calling, video calling and WhatsApp Groups. After successfully launching and testing the new update , WhatsApp has now made it available for iPhone users too.This new update has made some cool changes by introducing something similar to apps like Snapchat. These Snapchat like doodle features include drawing, adding text and emojis in photos and videos. Zooming in and out the videos while recording will not be an issue now in WhatsApp. Not only this, but another significant update is the “Group Invite Link feature “ which directly adds members to the group when the admin sends them an invite link. Apart from these features, it would be now much easier for people looking for promotional activities to spread the word much easier than before, thanks to this new update by WhatsApp


Once you finish clicking a picture or making a video, these features pop-up on the top right edge of the screen. Just click on the smiley icon and it will open all the emojis. The ‘T’ on the top right lets you add text in your images and videos. You can also use the drawing tool just to draw, scribble and add sun fun to your pictures. You can add many content to your images to make it more lively and relish in the new update 2.16.12 for the iOS.


Another new feature “Group Invite Link” feature as mentioned above is also packed up in this new update. The admin of the group just needs to send the link to anyone he wants to add in his group. Once the user clicks the link, he will be added to the group automatically. Not only this, but also the user will get some basic information about the members of the group and the group name before adding. Considering you have just launched a new blog about health, you can add more audience by just sending them a link and your group will serve as a platform for discussing and communicating about health and giving valuable health tips to your audience.


After this new update, you will see user profile name and picture to be on the top left while earlier the profile picture was on the top right and the name was in the centre. This change has been made to avoid people mistakenly calling their contacts on WhatsApp while checking their profile pictures. Overall WhatsApp has done a lot of fresh and appreciatable variations in this update as compared to previous app updates.

Apart from this, WhatsApp also allows zooming in and out while making a video just by the slide of your finger. Now switching between the front and the rear camera is also quite easy, by just double tapping the camera viewfinder.

Important: Although Facebook prohibits any kinds of sharing commercial, promotional messages through the application but with this new update people would be able to share unique promotional non-commercial messages through WhatsApp.



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