Are you planning to make your own Youtube channel with lots of impressive videos or do you already have an existing one, you surely require a good camera for that? There are cameras available on the market with many appealing features, specifications, etc. But at the same time, it gets difficult to choose from so many options available. For your ease, we have reviewed few cameras for YouTube in this article. But before that take a look at the few specifications that you should definitely look for, in the camera before buying.

Points To Consider While Buying a Camera for Youtube Videos:

  • Check the sensor size of the camera. The size should be big to capture or record better quality visuals.
  • The camera should definitely have a good quality lens from a trusted brand.
  • Don’t go after the megapixels, as megapixels cannot assure the image quality of the camera. The quality of the image depends on the lens of the camera.
  • Take a note of the connectivity option available inside the camera. Check if the camera can be connected to the Wi-Fi and supports Bluetooth or not.
  • Find the various mode available on the camera.
  • Check the accessories available with the camera. The charging cord, the camera shutter, the batteries etc.
  • Check the various other shooting options if available like panorama, motion, etc.
  • Take a note of the body material of the camera.
  • Check the size and weight of the camera.
  • Check whether the lens of the camera is replaceable or not.
  • Check the display of the camera. In some camera, the LCD screen can be rotated towards the user to shoot better videos.

Take a look at the options we have mentioned. The cameras taken up are good enough for recording the videos on YouTube.



  • Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera

Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera


Canon EOS Rebel T6 is a Certified Refurbished product. It is tested and certified to look and work like new. The camera is featured with 18.0 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor. Canon EOS T6 comes with 3.0inches 920k-Dot LCD Monitor. It supports Full HD video recording at 1080p at 30fps. The DSLR camera has a built-in WI-Fi and NFC. ISO 100-6400 allows shooting from bright to low light. It has the dimensions of 8.8 x 5.4 x 6.6 inches and weighs 3 pounds. The super cool camera has 9-point autofocus system. Also, it has a faster processor than the predecessor T5. The battery life of the DSLR is quite good, it can take 500 photos after a full charge.



  • Nikon Coolpix L340 Camera

Nikon Coolpix L340 Camera


Another camera on the list is the Nikon Coolpix L340 Camera. The camera comes with 28x optical zoom and 56x Dynamic Fine Zooms. The camera comes with 20.2MP CCD sensor for clearer and brighter images. You can record the HD YouTube videos in 720p with good voice clarity. The camera has the dimensions of 3.3 x 4.4 x 3 inches and weighs even less than a kilogram. The box includes various accessories like LR6/L40 (AA-size) alkaline batteries, the lens cap with a cord, USB Cable UC-E16 and a camera strap.

If you are starting your career in Youtube Video making then both of these cameras are great fit for you! Let us know in comments which camera are you going to bought.


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